Meet the Newest Member of the Family: The Flatbed: Why Flatbed Towing?

Certain vehicles require flatbed towing. To avoid costly damage to sensitive drivelines, especially the AWD (All-Wheel-Drive) systems, such as GM Versa-trak, Chrysler Selectrack, Subaru AWD and Audi Quattro, we strongly suggest flatbed towing. (For many vehicles, manufacturers specify their vehicles may only be safely towed on a flatbed truck).

Vehicles equipped with ride levelers, air shocks, and other computer controlled suspension parts may be damaged by controlled suspension parts may be damaged by other means of towing.

Our steel bed carrier is equipped with a 4 wheel tie down system, proven to be extremely effective in safely transporting any type of vehicle and the four wheel strap system allows the suspension to do its job unimpeded.

Although our traditional tow truck is safe and often efficient for many cases, we offer the flatbed for those other instances. You can count on Daniel’s Towing to give your vehicle the treatment it needs for a safe and professional move.


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