There’s a saying in Colorado Springs, the only thing you should take for granted is Pikes Peak, but that’s granite.

I can’t imagine leaving the house without a jacket this time of year. Last week we saw dramatic shifts in temperature. One day the temperature reached 84 degrees, hours later it was 28 degrees. What does that mean for your car, for road conditions and you?

Unless you never check or change your oil and let your fluids evaporate, the actual stress on modern cars and batteries is limited, but it is always a good idea to make sure that you maintain proper fluid levels and keep your vehicle well-lubricated at all times. As we mentioned last year, your car’s longevity depends on it. Checking the fluids regularly helps safeguard against breakdown, mechanical damage, and even possible accidents. Learn to check your car’s fluids yourself and do it often. Once you get the hang of it, it will not take long. Check your owner’s manual. It typically tells you when fluids must be checked and we suggest you mark your calendar to remind you, especially if you do not frequently check your fluids.

The dramatic shift in spring temperatures, however, can create the worst road conditions imaginable. Rain that quickly freezes and becomes ice, is a driver’s nightmare. Last year, a slight hill on Powers Road in eastern Colorado Springs made national news. One car after another reached the summit of the hill, only to slide back down into a massive smash up, a slow-motion demolition derby that only our body shop friends can appreciate. The bigger the car, the worse the slide and all-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and traction control were rendered useless. It was a bit like watching lemmings jump off a cliff. The fact that no one was effective in warning drivers against driving up the suicidal hill is another story and says something about human nature that I care not to elaborate here. Let’s just say the schadenfreude was running rampant. Nevertheless, there will be accidents during these wet to ice conditions, and you need a towing service that you can trust, and someone that will get there quickly. Typically, this is the busiest time for towing companies, but it’s no time for your trusted towing company to cop an attitude.

Now the final question is what does spring mean to the driver? It means don’t take anything for granted. Bring a coat and have your phone charged. Who plans on having an accident or a car breakdown? In short, take down our phone number before you hit the road, 719-306-8126, because you never know when you will need a reliable, trustworthy towing company to get you out of a jam and get you and your vehicle to safety.

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