At Daniels Towing we see a lot of crazy things on the road especially during these wintry months. We know the world doesn’t stop just because it’s winter, but here’s a little common sense advice:

  • Allow for extra time
  • Do not tailgate, be courteous, and assume the driver in front of you just might be nervous, or has already seen several accidents. In the winter, you can’t be too cautious
  • Do not assume because you have all-wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, or studded snow tires, that you will not slide or lose control
  • Bring warm clothes with you, even if you’re driving a short distance, you never know what you may encounter on the road, the Boy Scout Moto: Be Prepared goes along way in the winter
  • If you do have mechanical problems and need a tow, go with a trusted tow company. If you’re in Colorado, call Daniel at: 719-306-8126
  • And most importantly, breathe. A little patience goes a long way and all inconveniences can be overcome

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